Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra
Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra - Hot hatches aren't expected to be as well significant. VW neglected this during developing the last Polo GTI. It showed up with a complicated turbo as well as the supercharged engine (helpful for efficiency as well as tractability, yet pants for revving out) and also no hand-operated transmission. The result was most likely the most effective fast hatch for oozing via web traffic. So everybody went and also acquired a Fiesta ST.

The seat must've been relied upon to inject the much-needed Latin sex drive right into the package, yet we got the very same deserving mechanicals in a smart body developed by ex-Lambo sketcher Luc Donkerwolke. And everybody continued driving around in Feast STs sensation pretty good regarding life.

Fast-forward to 2016 and also both have bucked up their suggestions. Both are currently fitted out with keener, a lot more effective 1.8-litre turbocharged engines related to those suited their bigger siblings, the Golf GTI as well as Leon Cupra. Both create 189bhp and also 236lb ft. The VW still offers a DSG, yet it's a monstrous ₤ 1,215 option you will not select over the ₤ 0.00 six-speed guidebook. The Seat's a stick-shift only. Points properly granted there.
Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

So, having actually aimed to damage the mould, both VW Team mini-rockets have actually returned to the traditional. Helpful for them. Shall we learn which is finest?

The Polo rolls up packed with the set, painted in a specifically unfetching shade of jeans blue. Honestly, that specs a Volkswagen using the three coolest letters in warm hatch land and hands down black, white, grey and red? Still, it's crisp of line and squat in measurements, relaxing 10mm less than your grandmother's Polo. There are tartan seats and also a perfectly sized Golf R guiding wheel inside, amongst a full suite of dashboard buttons regulating this vehicle's warmed seats, nav, car parking sensing units and flexible suspension. Told you it was kitted out.

Alternative boxes unticked, the Polo's still an outstanding place to be. Quality is unequalled for a little hot hatch, and the large rightness of these ergonomics makes you question why any person opts to lay out an interior in a different way. The nondescript Sporting activity button is in such simple reach.
Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

Prodding stated button (having paid ₤ 245 to put it there) sprays a pinch more bass right into the electric motor's buzzy thrum, remaps the throttle with added zip as well as tighten the ride. However before we get as well fascinated in the mini-GTI, a vanquisher requires our focus.

Really, that's a lie. The Ibiza Cupra is hopelessly nondescript. The back wheelarch vents are plastic dummies, so too the central exhaust outlet, and the additional front consumptions resemble Poirot's moustache. Authentic it ain't. And as you circle both automobiles as well as keep in mind the VW's bespoke boot spoiler, side skirts, bloodshot fronts lights then become aware just how little of the Ibiza's bodywork is exchanged for your ₤ 18,900, it's rather the let-down.

And then it goes from bad to cursewords, as you enter possibly the most heavily made automobile cabin in production today. Cupras obtain a meatier steering wheel, a spheric shifter with the gear pattern oddly aimed at the rear seats and also some glossy pedals, yet the desert of pale grey plastic and parts-bin controls yell negative money-saving.

It's as if VW wanted to punish Seat for making a far better hash of warm hatch bodywork. Everything you touch, from quantity knob to door manage is of palpably tinnier quality than the Volkswagen's, which, at ₤ 19,125, quits looking like a costly vehicle and instantly acquires bargain status from the ₤ 18,900 Seat.

Amongst numerous blanked off buttons in the Ibiza is its own Sport switch, underlined by a picture of a damper. Flexible tightness is common in the Ibiza, quickly saving you ₤ 245 versus the VW, yet it only fine-tunes the ride; the throttle's reflexes are permanently in gung-ho setting. There's no fallback position, unlike the Polo.

While it takes to find this, you'll notice the Seat likewise has a lot more supportive seat, that's lower as well as much better situated behind the guiding wheel compared to the VW's. Clues that Seat may have spent the money on improving the principles below the garnish.

Trigger and naturally, both autos are equally quickly. The numbers birth that out: both are declared to strike 62mph in 6.7 seconds, and both peak at 146mph.

However because the Seat's engine is efficiently always in Sport, it appears keener from the off or even with the VW's adversary horns involved, it's even more buzzy as well as resonant, which simply appears cooler. Angrier. A lot more fun.
Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

You 'd assume these 2 would publish identical numbers across the board, wouldn't you? But no-- the Polo is officially more economical, beating the 45.6 mpg, 145g/km Ibiza by 1.5 mpg and also 6g/km. Driven back-to-back, the Polo scored 36.3 mpg to the Ibiza's 33.8 mpg, I think since the Ibiza simply motivates you to drive it faster even more of the moment. At the same time the Seat, at 1260kg, damages the GTI by 12kg. Need to be those denser cabin plastics.

So, you could split these 2 on more than just indoor health and wellbeing, and as soon as you show up on the trademarked British Hot Hatch Research center B-road, daylight shows up in between both VW Team horror doubles.

Seat has just set up a sweeter automobile. Same ingredients, tastier results. The Ibiza turns in even more firmly, scrabbles much less, rotates around your hips it appears, and feels up on its toes from the minute you set off. It's somehow much more planted and steady but a lot more spirited than the Polo, as well as this worms its method into your loves. Then there's the gearshift. As sweet as an MX-5's? No, but the Ibiza's is ever before so a little weightier and also a hell of a whole lot much less notchy. It doesn't mind being checked throughout eviction when you remain in a rush, while the truculent Polo wishes you would certainly simply relax.

I was convinced the Seat must be wearing superior tires, gifting it much more specific responses, yet hopping out exposed both cars roll about on the same 17in Bridgestone Potenza rubber. Yet where the Polo wastes power via wheelspin in between corners and also really feels taller and inert while bargaining them, the Seat just grasps and also goes. It doesn't torque-steer either. Not one little bit, which makes the Polo's propensity to weave under velocity much more confusing.

And also it would certainly be terrific if we might just leave it there. Except, if you desired a fast as well as really fun small automobile, you 'd end up hearing the F-word. Yep, the Ford Fiesta ST still regulations this market, and also rightly so. It's a lot more interactive compared to the Ibiza, and also shows you could get by with a lower interior if the framework foots the bill.

This pair are the warm hatches for more practical individual, after that. The shrinking violets. And also if that's your bag, you're going to want the Polo, because it's a beautiful thing, an achingly desirable instrument. If it handled like the Ibiza, it 'd be unstoppable. However so far as driving goes, the second-best pocket rocket for driving smarts is the Seat, by a whisker. Oh damn, I've just kept in mind the Peugeot Sport 208.

Twin examination: VW Polo GTI vs Seat Ibiza Cupra

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