2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Review

2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Review - Exactly what is it? Perhaps the most welcome feature of the Clio's bigger upgrade is confirmation that the RS 220 Trophy-- a powered-up, hunkered-down variation of the regular RS design-- goes from small special edition to basic quantity possibility. Other than that revelation it's mainly business customarily.

As before, power and torque from the 1.6-litre turbocharged engine go to 217bhp and also 192lb feet (with only the former qualifying as superior to conventional) and also the EDC dual-clutch gearbox continues to be-- as does the uprated chassis which drops the automobile by 20mm at the front as well as 10mm at the back. Mechanically identical after that, save for the addition of an Akrapovic exhaust to the option list-- 'influenced' by the titanium system the professional created for the R.S 16 concept car.
2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Review

Physically the automobile does transform; albeit slightly. The front splitter has actually been revamped, there's a new design of alloy wheel and also the R.S 16's prominence is duplicated in the carryover of what resembles chequered flag-inspired fog lights - yet are in actual reality a brand-new method of illumination dubbed R.S Vision. Created by Renault Sporting activity itself, the each distinctive cluster uses a novel setup of LED bulbs as well as reflectors to not only function as haze and cornering lights, however likewise assist make the dipped as well as major beam of light approximately 40 per cent brighter compared to previously.
2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Review

Just what's it like?
Plainly, a dusting of cosmetic uniqueness does not a new auto make, and also away from the front bumper as well as exhaust pipes of our test car, this coincides Trophy we first drove just an issue of months ago. Which is no bad point: the costliest Clio was effortlessly the very best version of the EDC generation, its power walk somewhat reducing the handicap of its unlikeable gearbox.

Our time in the current variation was restricted to a few laps of the Haute Saintonge circuit, a remarkably pretty knot of swelling bends buried in the farmland bordering Bordeaux-- however adequate nevertheless to demonstrate the automobile's canny tuning. Undoubtedly as Renault planned, the track additionally served to underscore the Prize's glue qualities without always revealing its imperfections; most notably the uncompromising ride top quality that arises from its significantly stiffer springtimes.

Keeping that quality provided imperceptible, the hottest (you could get) Clio scurries concerning in determined and nicely well balanced style. While the guiding is lighter and perceptibly much more leisurely than the most recent Carnival ST200, there's a crisp elegance to the chassis adjusting (a habitual quality of Dieppe's fettling) that draws out tons of grip from its sticky Michelins. Turn-in is abrupt and also away from the understeer-aggravating sharp edges (where the road-focus of the framework and the lack of a mechanical diff inevitably ultimately do it no favours) the Trophy welcomes fast-bend weight transfer as an excuse to pivot engagingly around its B pillar.

Unsurprisingly, Haute Saintonge is no location to establish a further affection for the transmission; Renault has been sharpening the Clio's hand-operated paddle change considering that launch, but it still does not swag gears with much sentence-- and also the downsized engine manacled to it doesn't possess the influence of state a Mini JCW either. The Akrapovic exhaust has called up the volume a little, although it still can not generate the type of metal growl that made the Megane RS's likewise custom arrangement almost seem like inexpensive for money.
2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy Review

Should I purchase one?
All this serves as confirmation of our earlier assessment. Renault Sporting activity has provided an extremely good warm hatch from the continues to bes of its underwhelming very first go-- yet not one that necessarily proclaims the unpleasant talent or raw power of its earlier manifestations. The sparse improvements of this renovation undoubtedly don't affect that verdict; its ranking in the segment is prejudiced many more currently by the intro of the ST200, which possibly outstrips the Prize's case to a more comprehensive functionality.

On that particular note though, the Clio is still peculiar sufficient a prospect to match someone: its mix of vehicle 'box ease, 4 doors access, exterior prettiness and also really qualified handling being basically singular. But, genuinely, unless Renault acquiesces to the idea of the Clio R.S 16 being created (rather coldly Dieppe's suggestion of just what the Trophy need to be were they allowed to build it undisturbed by Paris), the car's condition as an established and also intriguing also-ran is not likely to undergo a seismic change.

Renault Clio RS 220 Prize

Area France; For sale September 2016; Cost ₤ 22,030; Engine 4 cyls, 1618cc, turbocharged, gasoline; Power 217bhp at 6800rpm; Torque 192lb ft at 2000rpm; Kerb weight 1204kg; Transmission 6-spd dual-clutch automatic; 0-62mph 6.6 sec; Top speed 146mph; Economic situation 47.9 mpg (combined); CO2/tax band 135g/km, 22%.

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